Mark's 1972 Opel Gt Project





















This website is a sample website that features some of my cars as a demonstration for website hosting customers to show how simple it is to build great websites. This website was built completely on the website builder in less than one day.

I will tell you it took more than a day of hard work to afford all the cars shown here but I am living proof that making a million dollars working from home is not that difficult to reach.

My website hosting company pageBuzz provides working websites for small businesses and personal home pages for just $20 a month. Letting you capitalize on over a decade of programming and expertise with integrated shopping cart and credit card processing systems, used car dealer management, photo gallery, online classified system as well as many other programs.

This website shows of some of the features available in the website building tools such as the animated titlespace which is achived by uploading 4 images that are rotated in sequence give the site some motion and appeal. In this case we put the images inside a poloroid photo for a nice clean look.

The front page also uses a basic slideshow that supports up to 10 photos. This slideshow is loaded with photos of my 1929 Model A. The slideshow will run in a set order or random sequence and can pan accross the images as it is in the one displayed above. We also have a deluxe slide show builder that allows you to add countless photos and effects using any of the images on your website.

On the left side the main navigation menu is a drop down style that support sub categories. We have a simple drag and drop tool that allows anyone to drag the buttons into groups and create that type of menu for their website.

This site also uses our photo gallery feature to show the building of my Rolls Royce from the ground up. While I am very proud of the work I have done on the car the photo gallery feature is a great addition to any website. You can simply upload the photos and go or play with some of the advanced tools to customize the look, colors and display options.

I wish the website had more on it, but I stay busy helping customers with their websites and never seem to find the time to work on mine. But at least it gives me a chance to show off some of the cars that having an online business has afforded me to buy. There is no bigger market than there is online.

Car dealers that thought their ownly customers were in their backyard are now selling to cutomers accross the country. At one time, having a website was a luxury, now not having a website is a handicap.

I entered the internet market early when everyone said the internet was just a fad. I have been able to lead my competition on technology always staying ahead of the rest and innovating new ideas and technology while addressing the needs of niche markets such as used car dealers. I have made millions of dollars for myself as well as my customers and exist as real proff of what a website can do for you.

Set up a website at and work with me, MARK and get your business on the right track to success. Look at my cars and see what success on the internet has enabled me to enjoy for years. I have been able to buy the cars I always dreamed of and even spent 6 months building my own custom Rolls Royce.

I am on the end of the support line and can answer your website questions, help with page design and make sure that your website is 100% functional and working the way you expect.

While most of my time is spent developing new technology for my website hosting system and network my heart belongs to the classic car market and my spare time is spent collecting and working on classic vehicles of all types, sizes and models. You can see another one of my toys in progress at

I hope you enjoy this sample website and the work I have done both in my garage and at my office.