About Mark & His Cars

My name is Mark. I am the webmaster of pagebuzz.com but I am also a client. I was raised a poor boy in an age without computers and technology, unlike the spoiled rotton brats of today that have it all and complain about it.

When I was a boy, we did not have space age boots. When it snowed our moms would slip our shoes into empty Wonder Bread bags and send us to school several miles away. We did not have fancy busses and subways. If you were too poor to own a horse, you walked.

But when I grew up they invented this thing called the Internet. Who would have known that we could not live with out it?

Well, I did. And I invested my resources into learning how to program and build websites. As a result of my hard work I am now a poor old man. However, before the bubble busted I got my hands on a few of the items I was not able to afford wile growing up.

Such as my 1966 GTO shown onthe home page, My 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, My 1929 FordModel A, My Mercedes 450SL as well as a few more toys still in the project phase.

Still I desire many more cars and I need you to use my website hosting service at pagebuzz.com so I can save up for a Ferrari GTO and a garage full of other expensive classics. Its going to take a load of cash to make me happy, so stop looking at my cars and get a website from me!

I am not going to beg you to get a website with me, but if you need a website you won't find a better offer anywhere. Just $20 a month for a website as nice as this one where you can list used cars for sale or sell products.

I have spent over a decade developing the software to run the website hosting network and it is as detailed as my cars. I know the automotive market better than any other web programmer and I am ready to work with other car lovers to make their website dreams come true.